InSight Inventory Management and American Metro form a strategic partnership, simply priceless.

With decades of experience under their belts, American Metro had figured out how to make selling stuff easy, so much they made it their slogan. The next biggest hurdle for businesses using the American Metro was how to manage all the inventory? Customers were begging for an inventory solution to go with their cash registers, primarily the Sam4s ER-285 and ER-900.

Sam4s ER-285M_lgSam4s ER-920

American Metro was delighted when they found InSight Inventory Management. The two companies quickly discovered how similar their passion for making life simplier for the small to medium sized business was, a partnership was obvious. Together they bring a cutting edge mobile solution to the market place by integrating the traditional cash register with a cloud based inventory and alert system with the goal of taking the hassle out of managing your sales and inventory, allowing you to focus your valuable time on making money and growing your business.


American Metro is a nationwide leader, providing extreme mobility solutions including Electronic Cash Registers (ECR), wireless point of sale (POS), and credit card processing solutions. Providing a rich end to end experience for the customer.