Why InSight?


InSight Inventory Management software is the inventory system you have been waiting for.  Whether your most pressing need is for day-to-day inventory tracking or for inventory planning and management information, our software will answer your inventory questions quickly and completely.  InSight combines complex functionality with ease of use and accommodates three different levels of user:  from clerk to manager to business owner.

Day to Day Inventory Tracking

•  Access current inventory levels at any of your sites or events
•  Transfer items between sites;  may be used for retail, back stock, etc.
•  Access key information for each item.
•  Access sales data by item.  Reports available for customized timeframes and/or reporting levels.
•  Adjust quantities as new inventory arrives.

Inventory Planning and Management

•  Identify items for re-order before you miss a sale
•  Create order lists by supplier
•  Quantify shrinkage by site or event
•  Create reports that show your biggest selling items, your most productive sites.
•  Compare sales by item or groups of items over time and across sites.


•  Increase profits
•  Reduce shrinkage
•  Decrease endless hours spent gathering data; with InSight, the information you need is at your fingertips.


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