The InSight Inventory Management solution was created to handle  all of your complex inventory requirements.  Our innovative approach also simplifies this task by incorporating color-coded graphics, simple visuals, and flexible reporting options.  With InSight you and your team will have the right tools to proactively manage the inventory levels for all your sites and events.

Color-coded Graphics

  • Instantly identify items you are low on with InSight’s color-coded system.
  • Instantly see whether a given site needs additional inventory or is overstocked.
  • Useful at three levels:  event, site, and item.

Simple Visuals

  • Easily transfer items between sites Quickly adjust item quantities by site.
  • Adjust Warning and Critical Item Thresholds by site or by item.
  • Customize your view with one click; choose to see items by group or to sort  items by status,  quantity on hand, or description.

Flexible Reporting Options

  • Compare day to day or event to event Filter or sort on all critical data.
  • View results at Summary or Detail level.
  • Review historical reporting by site, timeframe, or group.
  • Download reports to Excel for further analysis or safe keeping.

Dedicated Settlement Reporting

  • Access expected returnables at each site quickly.
  • Declare and process returnable quantities at each site efficiently.
  • Adjust declared returns as needed.
  • Utilize a single report to analyze results including sales and shrinkage.

If a feature you need is not listed, let us know. We are always looking for feedback on how we can improve InSight.