Inventory Status and Alerts Module

Birds Eye View

Easily Identify Inventory Status at Each Site
At a glance, you can see the inventory status at each of your site, recognizing if inventory is at acceptable levels, if stock is running low, or if inventory levels have reach critical levels. The more sites you have, the more important the easy visual becomes.

Status Screen

Monitor and respond to action items
Selecting a site from the Birds Eye View will bring up the Status Screen. From here, you will see a Groups list using the same color coding. Selecting a group brings up details about individual items in that group including:

  • Threshold Status
  • SKU Number
  • Product Description
  • Quantity on hand at the current location
  • Unit of Measure (i.e. Each, Pack, Case)
  • Transfer Initiation

Item Management

Enter inventory, set thresholds and move product
Easily manage all aspects of your products across sites from one simple screen.

  • Change prices
  • Set item description
  • Assign product to a specific group
  • Set warning and critical level thresholds
  • Assign different prices and thresholds for the same item between sites
  • Receive e-mail alerts when new products are added at the register

Settlement and Returns Module

Settlement and Returns

Save Hours of Frustration at Settlement Time
Quickly know the expected returnable items at each site

  • Easily adjust returns if needed
  • All in one single report
  • Total expected sales
  • Total actual sales
  • Items sold
  • Returnable Items
  • Declared items
  • Delta between expected and actual sales