Excited to Announce our Interface to Global Storm POS: http://www.globalstormpos.com

  • Simple User Interface and Feature Rich
  • Built on the iPad
  • Real-time Transactions and Item updates


  • Ability to receive messages about system updates or background processes
  • Icon appears in the upper right corner to indicate there are messages
  • Access to the new Message page by clicking on your name in the upper right corner

Financial Report

  • Added link to new Discount Report displaying breakdown of discount categories
  • Added link to new Tax Report displaying breakdown of tax categories
  • Added help icons

Item Sold Report

  • Fix: UOM Units Per and UOM Qty now displayed for each UOM selected
  • Fix: Time no longer reset after Submit

Set Up > Event Registers

  • Allow a register to be assigned to multiple sites in a single event
  • Allow a register to be assigned to multiple events

Set Up > Sites

  • Fix: No longer allow duplicate site names
  • Added help icon