We are excited to announce Purchase Orders and Receiving are now available in the 3.0 release of InSight Inventory Management.

Purchase Orders

  • Easily create Purchase Orders from the Vendor Report where you can compare costs and tally up sales
  • Save, View, Edit, Print your purchase orders

Receive Items

  • As items on your purchase orders arrive, you can save time by now receiving them right into inventory!
  • The items on your purchase orders don’t all arrive at the same time? No problem. Easily track previously received quantities
  • Quickly identify quantity issues with line item highlights:
    • Red = Received quantity is less that ordered quantity
    • Yellow = Received quantity is more than ordered quantity

Reorder Transfers

  • The days of forgetting to click the “Retain SKU, UOM, Transfer Qty” checkbox on a Transfer are over. You can now simply click a Reorder button!
  • Easily duplicate any Transfer Order and select a different source or destination site of your choice
  • Add/remove items or quantities prior to submit


  • Enhanced alert when a transfer quantity exceeds the available quantity
  • Previously, an item selected in Returns could show in your Transfer and vise versa, this will no longer happen
  • Selections are now cleared after each submit


  • Minor enhancements were made to the Summary, Detail, and Edit pages such as:
    • Added Units Declared
    • Items selection moved from Detail to Summary page
    • Defaults to Summary
  • Selections are now cleared after each submit

Other Enhancements

  • Setup > Items’ short description is no longer required
  • Cost Labels have been updated for better clarity. For example, on the Setup > Items page, Cost has been changed to Vendor Cost
  • Supplier references were changed to Vendor